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Raymond Fire & Rescue Department







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The Raymond Fire & Rescue Department covers 36 square miles and protects the community with one fire station housing 10 emergency vehicles.  The Raymond Fire Department is a paid per call fire department consisting of approximately 38 members including the Chief, two Assistant Chiefs and five Captains.  Racine County Sheriff's dispatch at Ives Grove handles dispatching all 911 calls for the Town of Raymond.  Our department responds to calls 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.  The Fire Department staff includes Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), licensed by the State of Wisconsin - Dept. of Health and Family Services and are recertified every two years.



Call early, don't delay sounding the alarm!  With such a large town we need to respond as quickly as possible to an incident.

Call 911 any time you...

. Have a medical emergency        . Have a carbon monoxide alarm sound

. See fire or smoke                          . Have a smoke detector sound

. Smell an unusual order               . Have an EMERGENCY



Call 835-1687 for....

. Permission to burn (as well as Racine County Sheriff at 886-2300)

. Requests for a fire station tour

. Requests for a public appearance









Town of Raymond

Fire & Rescue Department


Telephone: 835-1687

Fax: 835-1694


Fire Chief:  Adam Smith

1st Asst. Chief:  Kevan Leedle

2nd Asst. Chief: Jacob Dinauer




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